Emma Street

Director – Social Media

Emma Street

Emma Street

Director – Social Media

Emma Street has been in the publishing and media arena for several decades. Starting out as a copywriter for art magazines in Europe, she branched out into newspaper and radio very quickly, establishing a reputation for quality and integrity. She has a versatile style with the tenacity of a guard dog to ensure a piece is perfect for use and well above the chosen rubric. The quality of her work is important to her, as is the satisfaction of the client.

In her youth, Emma gained a BSc in Maths and a BA in Art History from Oxford University and found herself a niche in business. This was not a career path that offered her fulfilment so to relieve the monotony she started to freelance as a writer. Writing came easily to her, as she considers it an extension to speaking, which is another remarkable ability she has. After much success in magazines, Newspaper and radio, she secured a handful of long-term contracts which provided more than her ‘day job’, so she took the plunge and turned to full-time writing.

Moving with the times Emma has ridden the wave of technology, reinventing herself as a digital media writer as the industry came to the forefront. Her work has secured contracts for blogs, content and social media for companies such as Audi, Ford Mustang, Pfizer, Proctor and Gamble, along with other household names. Her love of writing leaves her to worry that someone will realise how much she enjoys it and stop her creating it. Until then, Emma has joined forces with Arc Reactions to be part of a new media that will take digital publishing to the next level.

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