5th May 2015

Spreading the Online Marketing Word – Blogs that Impress

Having to continually sit down and write something utterly earth shattering about marketing is not an easy job – trust me, I’ve been doing it for years. The continual need to re-invent material that is second nature to you, look at it from a new perspective or keep upon what is trending in the industry is a time consuming businesses however enjoyable it may be.

For this blog I thought I’d take a look at others in the industry and share a few with you. These are all blogs I have a love/hate relationship with them – I love them so much I wish I’d written them, so therefore, a little part of me hates them for being so clever. But it’s OK, I’ll get over it.

25 lessons from growing our company blog to 2 million visitors

This blog is great as it gives a lot of insight into how to navigate growing your blog. It has great ideas and looks at blog writing and it’s quirks from the readers view. Plenty of food for thought – and inspiration to keep going until you get to 2 million visitors.

Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

I LOVED this one. The design makes it fun to read, it’s easy to understand what they’re telling you and how it benefits you. This is a definite ‘must read’ for any beginner, but also the layout and copy is a ‘must attempt’ by seasoned bloggers.

How to Grow Subscribers for Your Business Blog (Infographic)

This one was chosen because it showcases how well used graphics can take centre stage and be just as effective as a longer written blog. The information is easy to implement or emulate and will have an impact on growing your blog.

Why Most Brands need a 12st Century Redesign

This blog post was a surprise. I went in to it thinking I was going to read about web design (Yawn!) but quickly found out about the vision of two young entrepreneurs with no formal schooling making a huge success of their company in a very competitive market. A big shot of optimism for you!

Canadian Tire Removes Snow – Warms Hearts

I couldn’t leave this one out as I’m a sucker for goodwill stories, but this is a powerful reminder that online marketing works. This story is about a group of Canadian Tire employees going out and shovelling driveways. What is digital about that? Nothing – so how has it had so many views and shares? Because it was a masterpiece of online marketing. Guerilla online marketing at its best.

The Smart Way to Use Surveys to Engage and Grow Your Audience

In online marketing these days you have to have an edge. Knowing how to take and use a survey to give your audience what it wants is the way to go. Gathering and analysing data is the mainstay of consumer opinion, so this blog takes you through stage by stage and tool by tool of making the surveys you need to gather the information you want.

22 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips

This is a great YouTube slideshow about Social Media Marketing and there are some great tips here! Smart and concise, well worth the watch.

These are only a drop in the ocean for great online marketing blogs but it’s worth building up a folder of those that you read regularly, if you write. Inspiration can come from anywhere and it’s wise to ‘giveback’ to those who inspire you. Social media is all about community. Add to it – sometimes with knowledge, and sometimes with praise.