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30th Sep 2019

Niche Calgary Advertising on Reddit

In the United States, Reddit ranks as the sixth most visited internet website and is known as the “front page of the internet”. Despite the popularity of the website, brands have not always viewed it at the most advertiser-friendly website. It was not a welcoming site to new users as it was disorganized, operated on old codes and had a poor reputation. Not to mention the interface left much to be desired. For these reasons, marketers were wary of promoting their brands on the website. In late 2017 the platform announced its plan to give the website it’s first visual refresh over a decade. Since that announcement, Reddit has experienced a shift in design and advertiser interest. Today we are going to look at how the redesign has impacted niche Calgary advertising on Reddit!

Niche Calgary Advertising on Reddit:

They’ve Rebranded:

Reddit has taken many considerable steps to rejuvenate its brand. To ensure that advertisers and users alike enjoy a polished interface, Reddit has taken proactive measures. Firstly, they have worked hard to banish memories of high insecurity for brand safety. The Vice President and leader of Brand Partnerships, Zubair Jandali, has championed Reddit’s dedication to make refinements as well as review the ad policy of the site. These changes are meant to address safety concerns for both users and marketers.

Brand Safety Controls in Real-Time:

After announcing its partnership with Oracle Data Cloud in June, Reddit has taken the bold step to integrate the contextual intelligence technology by Oracle to provide safety controls for brands. Advertisers are now assured of brand safety in real-time. Mr. Zubair further went on to add that since the existing measure has been put in place, it is now rare for existing advertisers to express their concerns over the safety of their brands.


Reasons You Should be Advertising on Reddit:

When developing a social media strategy, make sure you consider Reddit as a viable option. Its popularity will put your marketing campaign on the map. And it’s redesign and emphasis on brand-safety has made it an ideal place to advertise.

A recent study revealed a monthly 330 million active users across the world. This exceeds that of Twitter by far, which records a monthly 139 million users as well as 300 million users of Pinterest. It has consistently ranked as the sixth visited site in the United States alone, Alexa further reports that an average of 10 hours is spent on the site daily. This outranks the time spent daily on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter!

Reddit is especially great for targeting niche audiences, as the website is designed to connect like-minded individuals.

When it comes to marketing, reaching your niche market is indispensable. With Reddit, you can identify user’s passions and interests, look out for the problems that you can provide a solution, find out more about your competition, research how profitable your niche is and test your ideas! This is made possible by the large customer base of the site. The website’s unique, segmented design makes it the perfect place for you to carry out your niche Calgary advertising.

Getting Started with Reddit Advertising: 

Identify Subreddits that Align with Your Brand: 

Before you start marketing on Reddit, it is important you identify subreddits that align with your target demographic. Look for subreddits that will be genuinely interested in your brand and what you have to offer. Whether you decide to invest in paid promotions opt for an organic strategy, identifying your target audience is essential. Spend some time getting to know these communities and how they operate. This initial research phase will pay off in the long run.

Engage with Community:

Engaging with a community strengthens brand awareness. The number of active visitors on Reddit each month gives a good read to any marketer. Look out for your niche community on the platform, engage them with your products and services, your brand will come out on top. Comment on user’s posts, upvote and create interesting content to promote! This is a great way to organically build your brand. And, it costs you nothing but time and patience.

Target Geo Locations:

Targeting specific geo-locations is a valuable marketing tool, and luckily, Reddit makes this easy. You can now target the audience of a geographical location with the use of the app. This takes your niche Calgary advertising to the next level.

Some of the Most Popular Calgary Subreddits:

When it comes to niche Calgary marketing on Reddit, you must consider the types of subreddits your demographic would visit! If you are a skincare company, you may want to target beauty focuses Reddit pages. Alternatively, if you detail cars, look for automotive focuses subreddits. If you are targeting a wide range of local consumers, you may want to focus on Calgary focused subreddits. Here are a few of the most popular Calgary Reddit pages!

Calgary reddits: