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15 Dec 2015

Calgary Marketing: Why Monitoring Analytics Should Be Part of Your Strategy

It can be difficult for businesses to grow in the midst of heavy competition; this is why it is imperative that brands have a killer Calgary marketing strategy. Internet marketing is essential for every business that wants to maximize the reach of their products and services.

Collecting website analytics is a reporting approach that gathers, measure and examines internet data for use in website optimization. This strategy monitors the behaviour of users on the website and tries to understand their needs. Monitoring analytics results in giving the business more control over factors that affect users’ needs.

Importance of Website Analytics and Data Monitoring:

Steady improvements are important to businesses, especially ones that rely on digital resources. Every entrepreneur can benefit from website analytics tools. They are essential to growth in the following ways;

  • They give you insight into your customer’s behaviours and possible needs.
  • Analytics make marketing easier. It gives you the data you need to make important decisions.
  • It will help you optimize the interface of your website and landing pages.
  • Monitoring activity and analytics can help you make predictions about future demand.

Simply put, website analytics are functional. They report important, influential data and help inform the developers how to optimize their web interface and content.

How Analytics Improve and Grow Your Business:

Provides Visitors’ Data

In almost every form of interaction, there is a need for adequate information to enhance the quality of the interaction. The data of the parties involved can help a business suggest specific products or services, this data which may include gender, age, demographics and source of traffic will be used to redesign and tailor the business website to the quality taste of its customers.

Increase Traffic Using Keywords Data

The strategy of websites analytics includes targeting keywords data at internet users; after learning the behaviours of major visitors to the website, certain keywords will then be custom to particular information available for visitors.

The traffic strength coming into the website will increase when search engines recognize articulated results on the business websites because the contents have been optimized to with users’ interests.

Increase Sales on Your Website

Your Calgary marketing strategy has to harness monitoring website analytics especially if you offer products and services that are sold online. The analytics accomplishes successful selling by custom suggestions after collecting, monitoring and analyzing user’s data.

Users quickly develop confidence in the result of their search and begin to look through the different suggested services or products that happens to fit their need. This effective strategy definitely increases the number of successful sales that occur with users and visitors.

Analytics can also help when it comes to remarketing. Don’t waste your valuable ad dollars marketing to just anyone. Utilize remarketing to target an audience that is interested in you and your product.

Analytics to Watch:


The metrics included in this aspect are Page Views, Visitors and Visits. These metrics tell you the current potential which your website holds in reaching the target for your products and services. The analytics report this metrics in sections, grouping data as New Visitors, Returning Visitors and Unique Visitors.


The analytics reports the channels which visitors arrive your website from; it represents this in clear graphical charts to explain the strengths of the different sources. These channels include Direct site URL, Organic Search, Referral, Social Media, Email and others.

Conversion Rates

This analytic tell the behaviour of visitors to your contents and how they use the resources they find on your website. It reports events carried out by visitors on your website and the goals which they accomplished. It is probably the most important analytics that needs your attention, and it determines how much sales you make on your website.

The Most Important Analytics

For best business growth, monitoring website analytics can be very effective when this listed analytics is seen as the most important in your Calgary marketing strategy. They guide how your website reaches the target audience for your business, and try to turn visitors to customers. They include;


This is visitors flow to your website. Traffic is really important because every other metrics depend on this activity.

Pages Per Visit

Interest in web content builds up as visitor’s journey through the pages of your website. The statistics from this metric reveals the users who may have developed an interest in your products and services.

SERP Ranking

This is not exactly a metric to be calculated; the search engine results page (SERP) tells you where your website is ranked when a search relevant to your business is carried out.

Returning Visitors

A visitor who returns seems to want more of what you are offering, and this is important for business growth.

Link Share on Social media

The stats from this metric should give you an insight into the level of value which your visitors allocate to your contents.

Clicks on Social Platform Link

The social media has become a very busy place on the internet, and your business should take advantage of this important marketplace.

It is best to optimize your website using data from analytics monitoring and improve your Calgary marketing strategy. Websites with properly utilized analytics monitoring will eventually have very interactive users interface, attract more visitors, make more sales and receive top ratings.


Need a hand monitoring your analytics? Our Calgary Marketing team can help with that.