22nd Oct 2018

The Key to a Successful Calgary Marketing Campaign

A successful Calgary marketing campaign should result in your business meeting its goals. Every marketing strategy your business adopts should be aimed at helping your brand reach its overarching objectives. It’s essential that you must define your desired results before you set out to create any marketing plan. The most successful campaigns incorporate a broad range of sophisticated tools and are underpinned by comprehensive research and planning. A successful Calgary marketing campaign won’t look over planning. Ditch disjointed, haphazard campaigns. Instead, complete the suggestions below and run the campaign of your dreams.


A Concept You Are Excited About

The key to a successful marketing campaign is developing an idea that you are excited to execute. This can range from highlighting a unique selling point, product or simply a fresh take on a tired concept. It is hard to run an inspiring, successful campaign if you aren’t enthusiastic about the process. Spend some extra time brain storming with your team to ensure you are set on the right idea. Make sure your goal or concept is fully aligned with your business goals and your audience. This will start your campaign on the right foot. Your over-arching strategy should cover your business activities. While each campaign must be unique, it should keep your central marketing plan in mind.


Define Success for Your Calgary Marketing Campaign

It is essential that you clearly state out what you think success will be for your business before initiating a marketing strategy. What is your definition of success? What do you expect to achieve from your campaign? Before you begin any work on your campaign it is essential that you define specific goals. By identifying your measurable metrics and key performance indicators you will be able to define what you want to achieve. Look at different metrics to determine what is critical, and balance direct metrics like landing page traffic and sales with indirect ones like social shares, overall site traffic and voice for mentions shares of your campaign online.


Set Your Budget

What many creatives fail to realize is the importance of setting out a budget for their marketing campaign. Even if it’s arguably everyone’s least favourite element in the planning process, but it is one of the most important ingredients to a successful campaign. Businesses must identify the costs and allocate the number of funds appropriated to complete their marketing campaigns. Take an example, just as you have to budget funds for your monthly electric bill, you must set aside funds to complete every step involved in implementing your campaign which will allow you to achieve your marketing goal. Going over budget will leave you dissatisfied.


Determine Your Medium

When determining what medium you’ll use to implement your marketing campaign, it is essential to note that not all marketing channels are ideal for every campaign. Before you dive into anything, determine the most effective medium for the style of your campaign. What do you want to communicate to your customers? What is the best way to achieve this? Look at all the possible channels then tie them to the aim of your campaign. If for example, there’s one particular channel that doesn’t mesh with the goals you set out, you aren’t obligated to use it. You can find another more suitable option! Some mediums available include online ads, direct mailing, print advertising, flyers, e-mail campaigns and radio or television ads.


Planning and Timeline of Your Calgary Marketing Campaign

None of the suggestions provided in this article will work without proper meticulous planning. After you have decided your marketing strategy, prepare a marketing plan that highlights how you want to execute your marketing strategy and evaluate it. Your plan should be reviewed constantly and, updated if necessary so you can quickly respond to changes in consumer needs. Creating a robust timeline remains essential but you have to be ready because of unforeseen issues and be prepared for flexibility in the event that your insights show you need to make changes in direction. Tweaks and fine-tuning must take place throughout your campaign and while launching your campaign may be the big moment for you, there’s still more work to do after that stage.


Follow Through

Setting up a follow through schedule for your prospects keeps the process of executing a successful Calgary marketing campaign efficient. Today marketing involves fielding leads from a broad range of sources including phone calls, emails, social media, snail mail and website inquiries. Mapping out your follow through plan is essential. Although it is seen as a guideline for you. Your customers are going to have their own ideas and they’ll only buy when they’re ready. Which is why it is best you remain vigilant and build the relationship. Do your homework regarding the market and make sure your talking points are ready. Come prepared to listen to them. Hear what they have to say so that you can get an idea of what they want, then you figure out how to make their lives easier.

Track the Results of Your Calgary Marketing Campaign

Tracking the results of your marketing efforts is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign. If you are not tracking your results, then you are not truly marketing. It does not matter what you plan to do whether you are looking to launch a new product or you are planning to expand an already established business, choosing to track your results will show you the marketing vehicles that are working to your benefit and which ones aren’t working. It will help you when it comes to evaluating your marketing exertions and where you are using up your marketing budget. By tracking the results of your marketing efforts, you will begin to create a cost-effective marketing campaign in long run. A campaign that will get you the kind of results you desire without having to waste money.


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