23rd May 2018

How to Stay on Top of Instagram’s Algorithm Changes 2018

There is no doubt Instagram has sparked some frustration amongst their users since their algorithm was adjusted from chronological to algorithmic. Regardless of people’s confusion and worries about their engagement rates dropping, there is no sign of Instagram’s algorithm going back. Instagram’s intent with the new algorithm is to improve users experience by engaging them with content they will be most interested in, relationship with the person posting, and timeliness of the post.

According to Instagram, users had way more posts on their feeds than they could keep up with; this resulted in followers missing out on about 70% of posts. Due to the circumstances, Instagram decided to prioritize posts based on what users were most likely to engage with.

Instagram’s new algorithm focuses on the idea of picking out the posts users mainly relate to and are engaging with the most. Factors that contribute to user’s engagement include: the amount of time followers spend on each post, the number of likes on each post, comments received, video views, saves, shared posts, and direct messages. Fact is, when a post receives many likes and comments, it signals Instagram’s algorithm that your post is one of quality engaging content, one that more people will like to see. Hence, giving a chance for your content to be more exposed to your followers.

The following is a list of tips on how you can stay on top of Instagram’s 2018 algorithm changes:


  • Find out when your audience is most active –

If you’ve been doing your homework, and you know when your audience is most active on Instagram, you’re most likely going for the win. Scheduling your posts at the same time your users are the most active will encourage more exposure, as Instagram’s algorithm gives priority to posts with higher engagement.

  • Interact more through Instagram Stories –

the algorithm considers all interactions received from your story, such as replies or when your stories are sent to someone. Engage more with your audience by including the polling feature or “Swipe up” If micro-influencers are part of your marketing strategy, get them to tell their followers to DM them for a direct link to the product. This will not only give a chance for your posts to show up on their feed more often, but it will also drive people to your inbox, enabling you to build relationships with your followers.

  • Use live video –

Chances are, if you already have a highly interactive and engaging group of followers, they will most likely be super excited about your live videos. Incorporating live videos in your marketing strategy is a way to interact in a more personal level with your followers while initiating discussions by asking questions, encouraging them to share their ideas, or giving them a clear call-to-action. Live video can be used to share your immediate thoughts/opinions, share your whereabouts with your followers, or create a tutorial on a specific subject. Amongst all of Instagram’s features, don’t underestimate the most approachable and fun way to interact with your audience via live video.

  • Run a Contest –

hosting a contest is a great way to encourage people to take action on your Instagram. When you host a contest or a giveaway, you’re giving your followers a reason to come back. Remember, it doesn’t have to be something big, it may even be cost-free. It can be a shout out on your Instagram story or page, or even something as small as a Starbucks gift card. It is all about being creative while initiating interaction amongst your audience.

  • Take advantage of all Instagram features –

is not secrete frequent engagement and activity is favoured by the Instagram algorithm. Therefore, it makes sense to take advantage of the platform’s features – videos, boomerang, and carousel. Taking advantage of these features will not only make your account more interactive, but it will also put you in favour of your posts being more exposed. For instance, a great reason to begin using video and carousel is due to the amount of time your viewers may take on each post. Videos take up to sixty seconds, while the carousel is a clear call-to-action to “swipe” and will also keep users on your post longer.

  • Be smart with your caption selection 

besides sharing creative content that will make followers stop scrolling, crafting a great caption is one big step to staying on top of the               Instagram algorithm. By incorporating engaging captions in your posts, people are more likely to spend more time reading it or clicking the “more” button, increasing the time spend on your post. Captions are a great chance to engage with your followers while pushing authenticity. Create captions that include questions, requests, or a response of some sort from the viewer; hence, creating a deeper connection with followers.

  • Maintain a consistent Instagram brand and Aesthetic

Be consistent with your brand story, Instagram aesthetic, and account. Chances are, you can turn those casual visitors into devoted highly engaged followers!


Instagram’s algorithm is here to stay, there are still a few tricks to stay relevant amongst your followers. Continuously posting content that will encourage high interaction with your audience, working on building relationships with potential followers, all while being consistent with your brand will help you stay on top of Instagram’s 2018 algorithm changes.