9th May 2018

Content Marketing: How to Refresh Tired Content

What is Content Marketing? And what is the importance of delivering relevant content? Content marketing provides consumers with information they need to make an educated purchasing decision. Thus, encouraging conversions. Content marketing helps improve brand reputation in a busy digital marketplace, by building trust with their leads and customers while continuing to stay relevant in the industry. Good quality content helps to improve conversions, as it allows you to connect and educate your target audience.

Remember, effective content marketing will include a clear call to action of the necessary steps the audience need to take in the conversion process; whether the conversion is in the form of making a purchase, getting more information, or contacting your sales team.

However, in a saturated world of information, customer reviews, endless options and purchasing decisions, how does one’s business stay relevant and stand out from their competitors?

The following is a list of concepts on how to refresh tired content to continue to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced digital world:


  • SEO and Keyword research –

    all content must be found relevant. There is no point in focusing on old content that has not much demand for the topic, compared to when it was first published. To avoid such a mistake, use tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Uber suggests, or story base to help you determine high-level keywords and similar words that are being searched for in your industry. Include these words in your content creation.

  • Use metrics and refresh old content

    – remember, setting goals and keeping in mind key performance indicators is always a good way to determine any strategy. Metrics can be used to determine what worked and what didn’t work. Success can also be measured in the number of comments the audience engaged in the most, likes, shares or if they took some kind of action -such as subscribing or making a purchase. Look back at old posts that got the most engagement, analyze whether the topic has changed much since you last talked about it or whether you think the audience’s perspective on it has changed. Publish some new content relating back to those old discussions while opening the floor for further discussion.

  • Shift your focus

    – unfortunately, including only text context is not cutting it anymore. Trends in the way audiences are consuming content keep changing in the digital world. Consider sharing your context across many formats as possible for your target audience to engage in. Contemplate sharing your content marketing in the form of a video or podcast and make use of different platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram Stories, SnapChat, and Live video.

  • Begin using more infographics

    – incorporating infographics can be a fresher and visually appealing method when publishing content marketing. Infographics are great for summarizing your content while making it easier and quicker for your audience to pick up on key facts. Look back at old, relevant, and important posts that may have been overlooked in the past; refreshing this information and incorporating it in a visually appealing infographic may be easier for the reader to digest and to be shared across social media.

  • Turning video into a live session –

    presenting information with new videos can be a way to meet the ever-changing needs of the audience. Video content has become and continues to become one of the most popular ways to publish content, as attention spans continue to decrease. Go back to your popular videos, pick an old topic and address questions your audience may have commented upon. Ask and answer new questions while building upon your current engagement.

  • Conduct an interview with an expert –

    getting an expert in the field will give you and your audience insightful information regarding the challenges and opportunities they face in their industry. Experts can be customers, employers, thought leaders, heads of departments, or if you’re feeling a bit risky get competitors in on their intake. The interview can be published in form of a blog, audio, video, or even do a live session; whichever tool is most resourceful for your business to better engage with your audience. Get them to ask questions, share their opinions, and give feedback.


Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach of providing valuable, consistent, and relevant information to your audience. The objective is to grasp the customer’s attention, educate them about what you have to offer, and build credibility; with the aim of leading them to a profitable customer action. Always keep in mind to include a clear call to action. Customers shouldn’t have to guess or find their way to take action; facilitating the steps to make a conversion will increase the possibilities of the conversion being complete. Finally, always remember that even if other businesses are touching on similar areas as you, you must stick to your niche, uniqueness, and creative work that sets you off from your competitors.

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