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15 Dec 2015

Calgary Website Design: How to Use Analytics to Improve Your Website

An effective professional website is one that gives the right answers to important questions. This means your Calgary website design should add values to your customers while generating you leads! You might be aware that the content, structure and Calgary website design directly affects your user experience and subsequently leads. However, you might not know how to measure the impact of those design choices.

Data is the key to elevating your website. Analytics can be intimidating because they are difficult to comprehend, but we are here to help. This article will analyze six ways in which you can improve your website with analytics. The key using analytics is determining the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) you need, how to track them and utilize the data. By following these Calgary website design tips you will generate a more efficient content marketing strategy, to improve your SEO, and gain more traffic on your website.

Calgary Website Design:

Enable Tracking

Analytics or tracking allows you to determine when, why and how customers are using your website. If you are not tracking, you are missing out on valuable data that can help you optimize your strategy. There are many different options for tracking usage statistics. The range in complexity and price from free and simple to complicated and expensive. Even if you manage a basic website, it is good to have analytics tools set up. This will give you some idea of how most people are accessing your site and what they are doing once they get there.

Study Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of site visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page. A 50% bounce rate is okay, but if your bounce rate is higher than 50%, you’ll want to work towards engaging your visitors. To reduce bounce rate, ensure your navigation bar is on every page on your website so that visitors can gain access to multiple pages without using the homepage. Include links in your web pages to other relevant pages on your site, either by hyperlinking in the text or putting a call to action. Bounce rates are important because they are a ranking factor for online search engines. Bounce rates are also helpful in identifying problem pages. Pay close attention to pages with a high bounce rate and create an action plan!

Study Traffic

Figuring out where you are getting traffic from is essential to optimizing your website for success. It allows you to create landing pages and keywords based on user habits. You may be focusing on a click-through campaign while your users are all coming to your website through organic search. Online search engines aren’t the only way for potential customers to find your site. Direct visitors are people who typed your site address directly using their browser. They probably heard about you from another person or through an advertisement before deciding to learn more by accessing your website. Studying traffic will help you streamline your marketing strategies.

Study Behavior Flow

Studying behaviour flow or pattern allows you to get insight into the things people are looking for when they access your website. You can determine how various portions of your site interact with each other and learn how visitors are navigating your website. User behaviour analytics will help you know what your website visitors do. It will teach you how they behave on various pages and touch-points. When you understand user behaviour, you can create a flow that makes sense. This will improve your conversions and boost your performance.

Leverage Strong Pages

Leveraging strong pages is essential if you want to improve your website with analytics. Once you have successfully enabled analytics, you will be sure to find some distinct trends including popular blog posts or renowned product web pages that are significantly pushing your traffic. Leveraging strong pages means taking advantage of this situation by optimizing your pages with higher traffic using SEO and other tactics.

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