21st Jun 2017

The Best Way to Use Calgary Social Media Marketing to Elevate Your Brand

The Best Way to Use Calgary Social Media Marketing to Elevate Your Brand


When you choose to create social media pages for your business there are some essential processes that need to be completed. These steps are what you need to take maximum advantage of the platform. If done properly, Calgary businesses can be marketed fantastically on the social media.  That is why you should embrace Calgary social media marketing strategies. This marketing strategy is more effective and inexpensive when compared to the traditional ways of marketing. There is no doubt about that print marketing is still important and should be an avenue that you consider but if you’re working with a small budget then social media marketing might be the right direction for your business. Through the content of this post, you are going to understand more about the best way to market your brand using social media.

Social media is a great platform for marketing of all brands big and small. But, it is most efficient for small business on a tight budget. Tailoring your budget directly to your needs will be easily done on the social media. You can more easily create promotions and campaigns on a budget than you could through traditional advertisement. So here are some basic tips to get you started with social media.

Research What Calgary Social Media Marketing Platforms You Want to Use

Be selective and think about where your target demographic is. If you want to be creating unique content for your profiles you should make sure you do not spread yourself too thin by trying to stay active on several platforms. Focus on a couple of key platforms where your demographic is active.

Facebook: This is the most popular and populated social media platforms. It has attracted the attention of the worlds with its many features. The platform is regularly updated and enhanced to give users experience. So, focusing on Facebook for Calgary social media marketing will enhance your rate of profitability. This platform has many excellent features integrated into the platform such as advertising, analytics and even chatbots. The catch, you must spend some time learning about the features in order to make the most of them. Don’t sell your brand short by neglecting to learn the ins and outs of this platform. Do this will boost your brand image on the social media. Learn more about Facebook marketing and apply the knowledge of the Calgary marketing and you will be glad that you did.

Instagram: This is a social media platform designed for image and video sharing among friends, families and public figures. This platform, which is owned by Facebook, also allows you to advertise on their site easily. In addition, it is a wonderful place to build a following because hashtags are extremely effective for connecting you with like-minded users. This is a great platform for restaurants and other product retailers that rely on a visual experience. Service-based companies can have success on this platform too, but they will have to be more creative in their presentation. Instagram caters to a younger demographic, so if that is who you are selling to then this is the place to be.

Twitter:  After Facebook, Twitter is the second most popular and populated social media platforms. It is good for content marketing, networking, image sharing, video marketing and others. With many people on the platform, it has become a fantastic way of marketing both services and products. This is an ideal place to interact with customers or create short to the point announcements. Many customers use Twitter as a space to air their grievances, so it is important to have quick and calculated responses. You must be concise, even with the recent expansion because 280 characters is not a lot!  So, focusing on it for your Calgary social media marketing will help you get what you need.

The truth is that there can be variation in your social media needs based on whom and what you are marketing. If you are a B2B company, you may want to spend more time on LinkedIn.  For that reason, you should consider who you are marketing before picking most suitable social media platform for you. Pinterest may be more beneficial for your brand marketing if you are marketing a visual business. These are all important things to keep in mind when developing your Calgary social media marketing strategy.

Developing a Strategy for Calgary Social Media Marketing

If you are thinking of how to make use of the Calgary social media marketing, the first tip is to develop your own unique strategy. The strategy you choose for this fantastic means of marketing will determine the result you are going to get at the end of the day. Avoid copying other pages you see, you should come up with something unique if you want to catch the attention of potential clients. At the end of the day, other companies are just as lost as you are and you don’t want to be repeating their follies. Also, the strategy you want to choose should be the one that is most suitable for the kind of business you are marketing.

Creating High-Quality Content for Efficient Calgary Social Media Marketing

When it comes to any form of digital marketing, high-quality content is always a key. The content should not be only quality but also relevant to the business you are marketing. It should also be written in simple and easy to understand language. Your target demographic will determine the language you will need to use for the content writing.

Growing an Organic Following for Calgary Social Media Marketing

While it is important for you to invest in a like campaign on your selected social media platform, you should know that the aim is to attract an organic following. You need an organic following on your selected social media platform to get grow in a way that increases your bottom line. It takes organic following on your social media to attract more following for increase in sales of your product or service.

Create Campaigns to Gain Visibility for Calgary Social Media Marketing

To make use of the Calgary social media marketing effectively, you should consider creating campaigns to gain more visibility. The more visible you are online, easier to attract more customers. You want to be the company that a potential client thinks of when they are considering investing in a new product and service. Chances are if they’re seen your name before you have a better chance at converting them to a customer.


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