19th Sep 2018

Calgary Social Media Marketing: What To Include In Your Instagram Bio

Your social media bio is one of your first points of contact with potential followers or even customers. It is your chance to create an impressive first impression. Just like in real life, the first impression can make or break people’s perception of you. A well-crafted bio should give them an idea if your brand is worth their time and engagement. It should show them who you are and answer some of the questions they might have about you or your brand, your objectives and your values. A bio is not just a place to drop some clever pun or quote; it is your receptionist or your landing page. It can either convert for you or turn people away. In the oversaturated world of Calgary social media marketing, it is important to stand out.

Below are a few things to add to your bio. The list is not exhaustive, and it will vary from brand to brand. The key is knowing what you want to say to your audience and build a bio that best says it. In the shortest and catchiest way possible. Let’s get started on optimizing your bio for Calgary social media marketing.

  1. Showcase who you are.

Who are you? That is the first question on the mind of someone visiting your brand’s social media page for the first time. It is important to answer that question without making the person search your page. Where do you fit in the world of Calgary social media marketing?

You answer this question with your name/ the name of your brand, your handle and your profile picture.

If your brand is a person, then the name the person is known by should appear on the bio. If it is an organization, then the bio should carry the name of the organization or what it would like to be known as. Nicknames are great, but if they are not known to the public, it shouldn’t be in your bio.

Your name and your handle do not have to be the same, but it is important that the difference will not cause any confusion.

Your profile picture is equally very important. Generally, your logo is the best option. However, if your brand is easily distinguished from another image, go ahead and use that. The key is to combine what will both attract and inform the audience about who you are.


  1. Don’t be afraid to incorporate emojis.

A good emoji with worth 1000 words, well kind of… With a wide array of options and emotions, it is no surprise that you hardly find a social media post without at least one emoji. Some brands may feel the use of emoji reduces the professionalism they portray but we happen to disagree. Most brands can benefit from incorporating a playful, appropriate emoji. An emoji can be a good way to connect emotionally with followers. It shows your brand as lighthearted, and that is something most clients will want to relate to. Just remember not to go overboard.


  1. Break it up with space.

People don’t like a block of words; it makes reading look tedious. Space out your sentences. Let them be easily picked out. If you are listing attributes of your brand, don’t lump them together, give each one its own line. The whole point of spacing is to make your bio look light and look like something that can be read at a glance.


  1. Add a link.

Your bio is usually too short to tell your clients all about yourself. But you probably have that information somewhere else, like on your website. Consider using a service like Linktree if you have multiple relevant pages!

If you have a special offer, you can add the link to it to your page instead. If you want to promote your mailing list, consider adding that link instead.


  1. Include your branded hashtag.

Hashtags are very important when it comes to Calgary social media marketing especially if you have a branded one-  use it on all your posts and make sure to add it to your bio. Especially if it is one that other customers or followers use to talk about your brand. This is a good way for a newcomer to check out stuff about you that may not be on your page!


  1. Contact information.

If someone checks your page and they like what they see, how do they get in touch with you? Of course, they can try reaching you by private message, but the best thing is to add a contact page to your bio. This could be an email or a phone number. The essential thing is that there is a way to reach you if anyone needs to.


Need help with sprucing up your bio? Our Calgary social media marketing team can help with that!