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26th Aug 2019

Calgary Marketing Tips: Back to School Marketing

Back to school season is upon us and brands are looking to ramp up their marketing for the fall. This presents you with more than ample time to handle this vast audience. In preparation for the reopening of schools, parents, young children, college as well as graduate students will look for areas to save. And every sort of business can get a share of the pie, including the local sandwich shop, electronic supplier, home furnishing store and the clothing boutique. Today we are going to discuss Calgary marketing tips that will help your brand capitalize on the back to school season.

In spite of the wide audience and numerous opportunities to make a profit from this market, some businesses have found it a challenge to make the most of their niche. These back to school marketing tips are exactly what you need to increase your profits.

Know Your Dates:

Depending on your region, back to school dates can very. Some schools start as early as august, where others don’t start up until after Labour Day weekend. To keep track of the market, you must know the start dates in your area! This will allow you ample time to prepare your promotion and give your patrons time to shop!


The Right Products:

This is basic! You must have the right products to begin your marketing campaign after all. So, before designing your strategies, do make sure that you know what items will be in your collateral. Featuring the wrong products will set your campaign up for failure, so you must get the basics right. Your historical data is one way that you can determine what items will be best to feature on your collection. It gives a detailed account of the items most purchased in the previous year’s school season. Google trend tool is also useful in determining the products that are yielding much interest in your area!


Show Your Worth: 

To rack your sales up, your customers must know the relevance of your products to their school lives.  Instead of shelving up your products for sale, you have to make further efforts to entice your customers to buy from you. Not only that, but you’ll have to make your products stand out from the competitors. It’s time to get creative, if you sell stationery, make sure they are stacked up with other school supplies. Displaying your types of furniture in a dorm setting also shows how your product fits in the lives of students. Showcase how your products can improve the lives of your consumers.


Target Your Demographic:

This back to school marketing tip is essential to getting your products to your target market. Back to school marketing covers a wide range of the population from parents to kids, and, depending on your business, you will be targeting different consumers. You must keep in mind that not all students are the same and they range from preschool students all the way through university. As you increase your efforts towards the consumers of your products, you will do well to keep in mind that mothers yield much of the buying power for the entire family. Ensuring that mothers are on board with your products will help you convert your marketing leads to sales. A good way to do this is by teaming with mom influencers or bloggers!


Offer Solutions:

It is very easy to fall into the trap of only encouraging your audience to buy your products without offering solutions to their needs. When you make it a great deal to offer solutions to your customers, they will see you as dependable and reliable. Apart from an increase in sales, you will develop your brand as an authority in your market. To do this, look for ways to help back to school customers. Creating campus survival guides, schooling tips or advice to moms to get their kids to school in the shortest time possible are some creative solutions to help your customers with. You can also look within your line of products to offer better solutions to their needs. One of our favourite Calgary marketing tips? Don’t forget to consider pain points in your marketing strategy.


Have a Sale or Giveaway:

Back to school means that people are on the lookout for great deals. Still, you are sure to generate excitement and buzz around your product through giveaways. So, make it your aim to reward loyal customers, it will be an added incentive to keep having them come back.  You can do this by offering coupons or bonus points.

The back to school season remains the biggest shopping event over the course of the year, and there is no doubt that these Calgary marketing tips will set you up for success. The marketing decisions you make will determine how well you fare. You just have to make the move.


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