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16th Oct 2019

Calgary Marketing Tips: Best Remarketing Practices

Placing ads in front of potential customers is the cornerstone of marketing. But what if there was a way to only show ads to people that interested in your brand? That’s where remarketing comes in. Remarketing can be a powerful tool for businesses and, if done correctly, it is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. This is because you are only serving advertisements to warm leads, thus, increasing your chances of the customer converting. If you’re looking to get the best return on your advertising investment, then remarketing is for you! Here are some of our best Calgary marketing tips on remarketing to your audience!

What is remarketing?

So, what is this magical, high-return strategy? Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is the practice of using digital advertisements to target users that have previously visited your website. You can serve remarketing ads to both customers that did and did not convert. Remarketing can help apprehensive customers convert and can be a powerful brand-building tool.

Where to can you remarket?

You can run remarketing campaigns on a variety of different networks. Some of the most popular networks that allow you to run a remarketing campaign are Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Google has the largest remarketing network; serving ads on Google’s Display network in addition to YouTube and Gmail. Google’s display network shows ads on a collection of their partner websites in addition to mobile sites and apps. In order to run a remarketing campaign with Google, you must insert a tag into your website. The tag allows you to track customers from your website using browser cookies, user ID or Mobile advertiser ID.

Facebook is the next major network that allows you to serve remarketing ads. They display ads within their social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Facebook remarketing is largely the same as remarketing with Google. After someone interacts with your brand, they are tagged and added to a list of individuals eligible to see your ad across Facebook’s advertising network.

Choosing the Optimal Frequency Cap:

It is imperative to set a frequency cap when developing a remarketing campaign. The frequency cap determines how many times your ad can be shown to a single user per day. Setting a frequency cap will help you avoid annoying customers and increase your ROI.

Determining your cap frequency will depend on your campaign, your objective and your products. Start with an initial cap of 5 impressions a day and adjust your campaign according to your outcome. For better results, serve multiple different ads in your ad group, this will keep your customer from being bombarded with the same ad!

How long should you remarket to customers?

AdWords remarketing campaigns allow you to serve remarketing ads to your audience for up to 540 days. We recommend you start your remarketing campaign targeting customers that have visited your site in the last 15 days because this is the time period when most conversions take place. However, the timeline of your remarketing campaign depends on your campaign goals and your analytics. If you decide to remarket for longer, consider updating your ad set to keep things interesting!

Keep your ads fresh:

One of our best Calgary marketing tips on remarketing is remembering to keep your ads fresh. Keep customers engaged by regularly refreshing your ads! If you don’t succeed at converting a potential customer, try changing things up. There is a chance that the original ad set just didn’t resonate with them. Not to mention that customers don’t want to be followed around the internet by a single ad for long. In fact, it may lead them to avoid your website in the future. Keep things interesting by regularly updating your advertisements with new copy and products. A great way to grab a user’s attention is by adding animated ads to your remarketing strategy. They are not only eye-catching but they have a better click-through rate!

Before diving into your next remarketing campaign, keep in mind that remarketing campaigns cannot be used in all industries. Remarketing campaigns cannot be used for alcohol, gambling, or for products and services related to the medical field.

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