11th Apr 2018

Calgary Graphic Design: Designing Your Business Cards

In 2018, a lot of marketing happens online and for good reason, it is proven to have a better ROI. It is great for small businesses that have a limited budget when it comes to marketing. But there is one form of traditional marketing that is still a must-have; the business card. Calgary Graphic Design can get you the best business cards that will leave a stunning first impression.

When designing your business cards, there are some things you should remember.

  1. Relevant Information

This is may be obvious but it is important to note what you want your card to say. Who is the card about? The name, job title, and business logo are important parts of the cards. The card should give some contact details. You don’t want your card looking cluttered though. That is where Calgary graphic design comes in. Find a balance where you give just enough information. Your website, phone number and email address should be on your card. Your physical address can be on the card but if it creates a clutter, consider skipping it. Some businesses do a lot of their marketing on social media. So you may want to add your social media handles on the card. Again, avoid cluttering the card.

  1. Make it Readable

The point of your card is to convey information. Don’t sacrifice this for aesthetics. The font you choose should be legible and clear. Don’t use detailed calligraphic fonts that might be beautiful but impossible to read.

Don’t try and cram so much information into the card your text becomes too small. It may look readable on the screen during design, but it doesn’t mean it will be readable after printing. Keep all these things in mind when creating your valuable piece of marketing material.

  1. Add QR Codes

QR codes are a good way to save space on your card. QR codes provide you with a neat way to include a lot of information on your card. Another advantage of QR codes is that they allow you to link your card to your company’s website.

Getting a QR code for your card is not very difficult.  Calgary graphic design and designers can do this for you.

  1. Be Particular about Colors

If you use them in the right way, bright colours can make your card stand out. They catch people’s attention and will make them look at the cards. Bright colours are often used by creative companies who want to look young and fresh.Calgary graphic design knows the importance of color composition, they will be able to tell you what works and what looks tacky.

Black and White could also be the way to go for you. Simplicity can be advantageous. Black and white or other neutral, high-contract pallets- are stylish and mature. The colours on your card should match your companies branding and company colours.

If you don’t have particular colours, make sure to use shades that are complimentary. The colours on your card should not clash. This is where Calgary graphic design comes in. They are experts at making your card look good!

  1. Adding Visual Content

Sometimes a picture can say what so many words won’t be able to say. Pictures, they say speak louder than words. You may save one side of your card for words and the other for a photo or graphic. A picture of your product or a graphic related to your business will go well with the card.

  1. Borders and the safe area

Do not use borders on your card. They may look great and symmetrical in the design but there is no guarantee they will when printed. A slight shift in the printer, something that would go unnoticed in a borderless card, will distort the borders and it will look very unprofessional.

Keep your important text in the card’s safe area; the middle of the card. This is to avoid any information being cut off during printing. It is also smart to leave a ‘bleed’ area – about 3mm, around the edge of your card.

  1. Simplicity is key

Keep your card simple. You may be tempted to go for the ambitious in order to be memorable but a card still needs to be practical. There is a reason most cards are still printed on paper and it is because of its practicality. You can explore other materials but be sure they still pass the message you want to. Consider using a thicker card stock to print your cards, it will give off a professional luxurious feel.


Importance of using a business card

A business card is still a very useful business tool for so many reasons.

  1. Your business card is a fast way to convey what your brand stands for. It is a quick method of conveying your brand identity to potential customers.
  2. Business cards have been found over the years to be very effective. They represent a good value for money you spend on them.
  3. Having a business card handy helps you stay prepared to share your business with people you meet. A card is something you can always carry with you so that when an opportunity arises to tell somebody about your business, you have a reference point.
  4. Business cards are a great networking tool. It is a way to stay in the minds of people you meet.