23rd May 2019

Calgary Copywriting: How To Boost Your Engagement With Copywriting

If you have been in business for some time,  you would know that having a website and a social media presence does not automatically translate to increased brand recognition, sales and success. You need for engagement across the various channels that businesses use to interact with consumers. Social media engagement measures the likes, shares and comments in response to social media posts. Engagement rates are used to evaluate the social media performance of a business. While it does not determine how many users will end up buying a particular product or service, social media engagement can help businesses build a relationship with prospective and current customers. One way you can boost your engagement is with quality Calgary copywriting.

Quality Calgary copywriting is one of the most effective ways of boosting engagement on social media. It involves creating content and posting it on your website or social media platforms. This content is designed to attract internet users and spark interaction. If you are wondering how you can engage your audience with your content, consider the following tips.

1. Define Your Goal

Calgary copywriting starts with defining your goals. It is always important that you outline your goals when developing any business strategy.  What do you want to achieve? What impression do you want to create in the minds of your readers? Your goals will determine the social media strategies that you will adopt. Once you have a clear goal, developing content that will captivate your audience and motivate them to comment and share your post becomes less challenging.

2. Understand Your Audience

The very first thing you should do before creating content is to know your target audience. What do they like/dislike? What are their wants and needs? Don’t ever make the mistake of guessing at what your customers want on social media. Instead, study their activities on various social media channels and learn about their persona. Practice social listening! Good knowledge of your audience will help you create personalized content and influence them to take action. Your copy can only be effective when you get into the head of your audience and know what appeals to them.

3. Use a Consistent Tone

Consistency in the tone of your content across all social media platforms can significantly increase engagement. Once you have determined what your brand tone will be, stick to it so that readers can easily identify and recognize your brand. Changing tones unnecessarily in your copy will confuse your readers and make them think that you do not have a clear direction.

4. Avoid the Sales Pitch

Consumers are bombarded every day with sales pitches every day. Stand out from the crowd by trying a different marketing approach. Storytelling is one interesting way to market your products and services. Yes, everyone loves a story. When you entertain your audience with stories, you help them develop an interest in your brand. You can also employ your audience to share their own story. This way, people will look forward to reading and sharing these stories on social media. Brands like Jack Daniels, Toms Shoes and Apple have successfully used stories to market their products.

5. Use Keyword Focused Headlines

What’s the point of creating a brilliant copy when no one reads it? Writing quality content and incorporating keyword focused headlines is another way to ensure that your target audience notices your brand. When you use keywords in your headlines, interested internet users will easily find you on search engines. Keywords, when used correctly, can increase your chances of appearing in a search engine result.

6. Use a Convincing Call to Action

If you leave it up to your audience to decide what to do after viewing your post and reading your content, you may not achieve your marketing aim. Your call to action is the last thing that your audience sees in a post and it usually sticks. Do you want them to subscribe to your service, sign up for a newsletter, or purchase your product? Tell them in clear terms what you want them to do after reading the copy. Your audience may have no idea what to do next if you do not give them instructions.

7. Conversational Calgary Copywriting

There’s no need trying to impress your audience with ambiguous terms or words. It is best to keep things simple and write the way you speak. This way your audience will quickly understand your message and interact with you. A conversational tone would make your visitors see your brand as genuine and trustworthy. Words like “I”, “we”, “you”, “me” and “they” help to make your writing more conversational.


The Ideal Length For a Blog Post

People have different opinions about how long a blog post should be to rank well on social media and satisfy users. According to a 2017 study, the ideal length for a blog post is around 1,600 words and a blog title should not be more than 60 characters. Ensure your post gets the reach it deserves by ensuring it is longer than 300 words. This will significantly increase its SEO ranking. Your focus, however, should be on quality, not quantity.

Final Thoughts

Increased engagement on social media can impact your business in positive ways. Keep in mind that you do not have to be a professional writer to create interesting-arousing content. These Calgary copywriting tips listed above can help improve your copywriting skills and help you use your content to achieve your marketing goals.