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23rd Sep 2019

Why Creating a Content Strategy is Important

Content is king! This fact remains undisputed in the online marketing sphere. And the need to engage audiences with content is driving many brands to develop a content strategy. As many brands jump on the Calgary content marketing bandwagon, you might wonder why they need a content strategy? Today we are going to discuss 5 reasons why it’s important to create a content strategy before jumping into the competitive world of Calgary content marketing. Before delving into that, let us begin with the basics.

What is a content strategy?

This simply refers to a document that outlines the planning, creation, development, management and delivery of content. It is put in place to help your team create content that aligns with your business goals. Regardless of your business goals, all content should be meaningful, engaging, coherent and sustainable to enhance the marketing efforts of a brand and attract its target customers!

Delivering the right message to the target audience at the right time is very crucial. These are 5 reasons why you must adopt Calgary content marketing.

Content drives followers, engagements and sales

Content drives the digital world. And, creating engaging content puts you on the map of both the consumers and search engines. It helps you get the attention of your target audience and while improving your SEO. In fact, Google has revealed that high-quality content boosts your ranking, whereas backlinks are fast becoming a declining factor.

A recent study showed that 57% of digital marketers believed that content creation is the most effective SEO strategy. This supersedes the 49% who revealed the use of keywords to be their most successful strategy.

Content should be the backbone of your digital marketing efforts. Your customers are compelled to make a purchase when your content is engaging! You may be asking yourself “What is engaging content?”. While that largely depends on your target demographic and niche, there are several areas of interest that ring true across most markets. Focus on creating content that showcases how your products can benefit your demographic. This may mean selling them a lifestyle that your product facilitates or creating content that addresses your consumer’s pain points. When creating contetn it is important to ensure you are putting the customer first! Always consider how your content will benefit them, regardless of what you are trying to sell. And remember, no one likes a sales pitch. Be subtle and seamlessly integrate your selling points into your content.

Saves time and money

Your content strategy sums up all the calculated steps that will see your marketing efforts to fruition. Developing a content strategy will have your money by eliminating the guesswork. your team will have a clear path and understanding of the necessary steps. It will prevent you from employing unimportant techniques and tools. By setting a clear plan to implement your marketing strategies, you will save time. Although marketing on the internet can be cost-effective, it may lead to overspending and unmanageable costs if it is incorrectly used. Hence, it is important you adopt a content strategy to support the success of your marketing. You can be assured that with a strategy in place, there will be no need to reinvent your marketing effort at intervals, which might result in mistakes, loss of money and time wastage.

Makes content creation easier

A good content strategy ensures that you have the right content when you need it. This is made possible as it outlines a clarified work process on the production of your required content. The content strategy is a map that streamlines the production of your content, it includes the governance, workflow, buy-in from stakeholders and executives as well as understanding the goals of the marketing effort of the brand. These ensure that contents are created with relative ease within a relatively shorter time.

Improves branding and consistency

A good content strategy helps you build a consistent, strong brand. Producing content that aligns with your content strategy will ensure you have established themes throughout your work. This will help you thread a consistent message throughout your marketing efforts. This is great for branding, as your audience will see that you are consistent, organized and reliable to serve as a source of authority in your niche!

Helps track your performance and KPIs

The effectiveness of your marketing is measured by linking your objectives to their means of implementation. The goals of your marketing efforts and key performance indicators are documented in your content strategy. This can be used to access each step is taken and areas that require more efforts. It all begins with determining your marketing goals and KPIs when you have done so, tie each KPI to a goal. As you meet up with each goal, you will discover that your KPIs are on track.

A content strategy is a key area to your marketing effort that you do not want to neglect. Having a good one in place will help you keep track of all the content you already have, identify those you need and help you isolate the most effective content for the best yield. You will achieve quicker and better marketing results with a quality content strategy in place! Need a hand creating engaging content? Our team can help. Click Here to learn more.