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21st Oct 2019

Calgary Content Marketing: What Makes Content Engaging?

Content is king! Cliché, right? Well, that is only true when the content is valuable to you and the readers. The goal of any brand is ultimately to engage its audience and eventually, lead to conversions. A lot has been said on the essence of creating engaging content to build brand awareness and reputation, still achieving these business goals require an in-depth understanding of what engaging content is. Reaching your brand goals and doing so consistently will not be possible without knowing the basic approach to take. That being said, we are going to discuss how to create engaging content as part of your Calgary content marketing strategy.

What exactly is engaging content?

There can be many different forms of engaging content, but they all have one thing in common, they all matter. To be truly engaging, content should have a considerable impact on its audience. Viewers are bombarded with a barrage of content daily. So, to stand out your content must create an impression in the minds of your consumers. Here are some factors to bear in mind when creating engaging content:

Engaging Calgary Content Marketing

Set goals

Create content with intent. Why do you need to set goals for your content? To put it simply, in order to hit the target, you must know where the target is. This involves determining what you want to accomplish with the piece of content you intend to create. Is your goal to educate or entertain? Are you interested in increasing conversions or raising awareness? An actionable goal will help you measure your success in addition to improving the quality of your content.

Use keywords

To help your audience navigate and seek out your content, it is essential to make use of keywords. Effective use of keywords will not only set your content apart, but it will also help the right people find your content. This is a never-ending cycle because increasing your audience size will improve your search ranking, which further increases the awareness of your brand! To help you get the right keywords to promote your content, you can make good use of analytical tools such as MarketMuse. These tools help identify specific keywords and topics missing on your platform that will improve your content marketing strategy.

Target relevant keywords to your content by cross-referencing keywords from highly ranked sites. This will go a long way in ensuring that the right audience finds you. Regardless of the importance of making use of keywords, try not to abuse it in a bid to pull traffic. Although you might get a high influx of visitors, this is an abortive approach. The visitors coming to your site may have no interest in your content and have to leave immediately to look for what suits them. By so doing, your bounce rate increases and you might be penalized by the search engine.

Make it original

Content should be authentic, original, well researched and written. Your content must prove to be valuable to your audience, if it is not, it should not be up there in the first place. An audit will help you determine the relevance of each page on the site and the quality of the content in line with your specific goal.

Grammar and accurate copywriting are quality indicators of content. Focus on creating content that utilizes proper grammar and accurate information. In addition to these, you need a content strategy to plan. When your content is original, and the information you provide is authentic and it offers substantial value, you will keep returning for more.

Make it relevant

Your content should stay up to date with the latest trends and developments. This will keep your audience attentive to your brand as your content will be of high value as well as informative. Besides, relevant content will put you in a higher ranking on search engines and will ensure that the right audience, who are interested in what you have to offer, locates your brand.

Make it high-quality

High-quality content, which is well researched and thoughtful, will get noticed. Nevertheless, you have to realize that a lot of persons and brands are spending much time to create high-quality content. This simply implies that you have to make your content so valuable to stand out from the competition. Also, note that your competition is not just creating high-quality content, but they are doing so with lesser effort while trying to improve their offers. All you have to do is provide your audience with content that they cannot do without. Find your niche, and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Use visuals

Content with visuals gets 94% more views than content that is simply plain text. This may include screenshots, hand-drawn and photographed images, graphs and charts, videos, etc. Additionally, visual content performs better on social media than its counterpart.

Have a call to action

Your content should be action-oriented. After someone looks at your content, tell them what to do next. Without prompting your audience to act upon the content you have provided, you are not guaranteed results. You can create the best content in the world, but if you lack a call to action, you won’t achieve your desired results! This goes hand in hand with setting goals for your content. Your goal and call to action should pair together seamlessly.

Get the most out of your Calgary content marketing by adopting the tips above! These strategies will draw you closer to your business goals than ever before.

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