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11th Nov 2019

The Best Titles for Your Calgary Blog Posts

You can spend hours creating thoughtful, well-researched Calgary blog posts, but without a good title, who will read it? The title of your blog post is the first interaction readers have with your content and can make or break your reach. To get readers to click through to your article, you must create a title that is captivating, enticing and, most importantly, accurate.

Blogging is no longer just a hobby for creatives, it is an essential marketing strategy. Blogging allows brands to write their narrative, provide useful information to their clients, boost their SEO and much more. As millions of individuals seek services and product information online, blog posts readily provide relevant information and resources. Help your content stand out from the crowds by crafting an eye-catching title. Writing a captivating title requires you to consider 5 key components. Today we are going to unpack these components and talk about the steps you must take to create the best titles for your Calgary blog posts.

5 Steps to Writing a Captivating Title for Your Calgary Blog Posts:


Consider length

First and foremost your headlines should be short and unique. Don’t let your blog post get overlooked by creating a generic, excessively long title. It has been proven that headlines with eight words had a 21% higher clickthrough rate than titles of other lengths. Additionally, keep the titles of your posts under 55 characters in length, as Google cuts titles longer than that! 

Choose a keyword (longtail, relevant, targeted)

Keywords are essential in making your blog post find its way to the right audience. In short, your keyword selection determines the success of your post. Keyword research is the first essential step to creating an engaging headline. Diligent keyword research will help you discover your target demographics key interest areas, the first step to creating engaging content. There are many tools available to aid in your keyword research. They include the Moz Keyword tool, KeywordSpy, KeywordTool, UberSuggest, and SECockpit.

Researching relevant keywords is just the beginning. Once you have determined your keyword and the topic of your Calgary blog posts, it is time to create an article on your area of interest. Use your chosen keyword through your article so the topic is immediately clear to your users and search engines alike. However, avoid keyword stuffing, it can negatively affect the user experience and your SEO ranking. Ultimately, your goal should be to integrate relevant keywords into your blog post naturally. 

Don’t be afraid to get specific when it comes to choosing a keyword. Long-tail keywords are an excellent way to reach niche audiences. These keywords or key phrases are often longer than common keywords. Although they do not get as much traffic as common keywords, they are highly-specific and get you in front of the right audience!

Appeal to emotions

Get more clicks by evoking your reader’s emotions! One way to drive emotions is through the use of power words. This includes using words such as great, awesome, as well as adjectives as brilliant, painstaking, incredible, etc. This will not just get users to go through the entire content, but they will be able to relate to the topic and further share them across different social media platforms. A title that appeals emotionally to readers will make your content stand out!

Sensational wording

Making use of sensational tiles is sure to catch the interest of your audience. However, your title should remain true and relevant, or else it will be considered clickbait. Pique your audience’s innate interest and leave them wanting more! Your title should be relevant and interesting with the promise of even more once they open the article! 

Consider your platform

Where will you be posting your content? Are they accustomed to extremely short but catchy phrases or are they endeared towards reading posts with more descriptive titles? Just because a title produces great results in one place does not mean it would do so in another. The title for a magazine article should be different from that of a blog post. Consider how people will discover your article, what keywords would they use? Make it relevant to the platform you will be posting on. Begin by researching the platform you will be posting on and understand how viewers use the platform. 

Just as a book is judged by its cover, a blog post by its title. Always bear in mind that the title of your blog post is the gateway for users to access your content. Moreover, when they do, they are exposed to opportunities as defined by the goals of the blog post. The quality of Calgary blog posts will only get better, all you have to do is follow-through.