27th Dec 2018

How to Find the Best Keywords For Your Website

Finding the best keywords for your brand should be the focus of any new business. If you are looking to grow your brand and improve your SEO ranking then choosing the right keywords is essential. Today we are going to talk about how why Keywords are important and how you should go about picking keywords that will set you apart from competitors.

The task of owning and running a business comes with the responsibility to carry out successful marketing. Internet marketing through business websites has been improving as more and more people trust the result of online search engines to provide answers to what they ask for. Search engines recognize articulate words and phrases to provide results for visitors search and these phrases have to be contained in your business website if you want traffic.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are a block of words that identified by search engines as users type in texts on the search box. These specific words or phrases are usually vital to the industry which the searcher is interested in. Your keywords should be based on the topic of your website. This makes it easy for users to find relevant information.

Search engines rely on keywords or key phrases to provide relevant results for the user’s search. Valuable content can be found when the vital keywords relevant to its niche are positioned properly within the content. The aim for the positioning of keywords in web contents is to place your Calgary website in the best search engine rankings and to direct traffic to your website.

Why are Keywords Important?

The importance of keywords is seen in the search engine results page (SERP), which shows the ranking of your website with respect to a related search on the internet. The rankings say where your website will be seen on the list for a web search results.

Keywords are important for search engine optimization (SEO) as they hold the competitive strength of your website against other websites with similar web contents. SEO also depends on the content quality and value planning; then to seal it all up, proper keywords will drive traffic to such valuable content.

Finding the Best Keywords:

The process of finding reliable, high-ranking keywords for your business and improve your Calgary SEO marketing involves research. To begin, research what search phrases your users are entering.

We will go through steps to guide you on keyword research for your business website.

Step I

Make a list of relevant topics for your contents related to rankings in your niche. These topics can be words or phrases which you create many contents about and very often. For example; if you are writing about food, you could list things like Healthy eating, Dinner, Best dishes, eating on a date, dieting, and many more phrases that connect naturally to this niche.

Step II

Develop these topics into keywords that you think users would want to type in when searching for online results. An example of this step using the food niche can look like this: What to eat on a dinner date? Menus for diabetes patients. The best dishes to eat in Calgary. When to cook dinner for a healthy lifestyle? And so on.

Step III

Go to different search engines and research related search phrases by typing in the topics which you developed. Suggestions usually turn up at the base of the search page in Google.com, and these can inspire more phrases.

Step IV

Consider long-tail keywords, these are phrases with more words; they provide more details for specific search results. You need these over single keywords; an example would be: “Dieting” against “Eating a diet for high blood pressure”; the later has more information on what the search expects from the search results. This will direct more users to your contents, and it helps to ensure that you target searchers who are very specific with what they want.

Step V

Check with search engines to see how others in the same niche are ranking for these keywords. Type them into the search box like organic searchers would do, and see which results show up on the first page. This step will help you figure out what the market is requesting, and may not have found yet; you will get the chance to improve on the current rankings.

Step VI

Use a keyword planning tool to sieve your list and remove the chaff. Good tools include Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends, they show you the traffic estimates and search volume for the keywords which you have provided. Then, you can remove keywords with small search volume and little traffic; but do well to restructure and retry a few before removing them from the list.

You are ready to set up your content with these unique keywords that you have found from your research. You have to monitor and recognize where your rankings for these keywords fall; then, always check and revisit the approach to improve it steadily. Go straight ahead and grow your business website with the best keywords in your niche.

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