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22nd Aug 2019

6 Digital Marketing Rules to Live By

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving market, and keeping up with changes can be a daunting task for any business owner. In the wake of the digital marketing revolution, many businesses have had to revise their marketing strategies to remain relevant and continue to grow. Take the guesswork out of digital marketing by sticking to these digital marketing rules to live by!

Websites and mobile apps have become an integral part of branding which enables businesses to effectively engage their target audience. It is easy to become confused and make basic mistakes that will hinder your brand. So, what exactly do you need to do to get your digital marketing strategies right? Here are 6 digital marketing rules that will help you excel in a competitive market.


Start with a Plan

This digital marketing rule is paramount to the success of any business endeavour. You must create a thorough document containing the objectives of the campaign and how you plan to achieve them. Without a proper plan, it is easy to lose track of what you set out to do in the first place. Your plan will help identify what strategies will best suit your campaign, what marketing channel will generate more sales and the actionable steps required to meet your marketing goals. Analytics, SEO, social media, metrics, web positioning, and strategies are considered in your digital marketing plan.


Create a Connection

The importance of connecting and engaging with your audience online cannot be overemphasized. Your ability to connect and engage with them is what sets you apart from the competition.

The connection shared with your audience will help you understand their present wants and needs. As your audience keeps changing, it is essential that you continue to stay in tune with their desires. This marketing rule will ensure that you keep adapting and stay relevant in the dynamic market sphere.


Focus on Authenticity

This rule has never mattered more than right now. Authenticity, which involves being genuine and sincere drives the success of any digital marketing strategy. It simply means sticking true to what your brand stands for and for the people it serves. Businesses founded on authenticity will lead to prosperity. Apart from improving the brand, authenticity adds value to your audience. Here are some reasons why you should focus on authenticity:

It builds brand identity

Your audience will understand what you stand for and how it adds value to them

Authenticity encourages audience engagement

It sets your brand as trustworthy and reliable

It encourages loyal patronage


Build Your Brand

To grow your business, you must build a strong, memorable brand. Your brand gives people an idea of what you are and what you stand for. In fact, it is what people say about you in your absence. The visual identity of your business is your brand; it offers more than giving your business a name. Hence, your brand plays a major role in whatever marketing strategy you want to adopt. To implement this rule, you always have to ask yourself how each marketing decision fits into your brand identity. This will ensure that all the measures taken to advance the business are in tandem.


Pay Attention to Analytics

Paying attention to analytics is a digital marketing rule that must not be ignored. Analytics ensure better decision making as they provide relevant facts. There is no better way to transform your business than having a good analytics system in place. Apart from the actionable insights that it gathers, it will help you to design products or offerings that will appeal to your target audience. With the aid of analytics, marketing strategies can be adjusted to yield optimum results.


Think Outside the Box

As you make all reasonable efforts to remain relevant, you have to think outside the box. Your close competitors will be mimicking your success, making it essential that you think outside the box. Creativity will help you navigate the marketing sphere, connect with your audience and keep them engaged. New creative ideas will excite your audience and keep you at the fore of their minds. Try sparking your creativity with these 6 tips.

These digital marketing rules are basic guidelines to ensure that your marketing efforts are not stagnant. Your brand will remain relevant as you keep in track with the effective digital marketing rules.

What digital marketing rules do you live by?