10th Jul 2015

10 Essential Lists for Marketing in Calgary

People love lists! It doesn’t matter who it is, or what it is, if you put it into a list you’ll have people flocking to read it. There are lists about lists, like this one, but if you’re trying to present your marketing in Calgary, these lists are a great help.

25 ways to build a community

This is an excellent list of all the things that you may have forgotten to do, or just didn’t think of doing, and some great ideas. Ideas like:

“Thank people endlessly. Be so full of humility and thanks and gracious awe at the fact that people share time with you (while not being one of those put-down artists) that your work comes off as perpetually fresh and energized and useful.”

It’s easy when you know how! And so easy, it leaves you wanting to slap your own forehead and go ‘D’oh!’

Top 10 successful marketing stunts

One of the best ways to make sure your marketing in Calgary hits the spot is to look at other successful marketing stunts and emulate them. This article from Entrepreneur has some great examples:

Taco Bell buying the Liberty Bell

“…Taco Bell helpfully explained that people had been “adopting” highways for years and that purchasing a national treasure was just a way of furthering that idea.”

Del Montes Meow Mix Cats

“Every Friday, on Animal Planet, Meow Mix announces which cat has been “voted out,” but in this case, that means being put up for adoption and receiving a year’s supply of Meow Mix.”

And also marketing stunts that went wrong like:

Snapples giant popsicle

“Snapple attempted to erect the world’s largest popsicle, made of frozen Snapple juice, twenty-five feet tall and weighing 17.5 tons.”

The problem? You’re one step ahead of me – yep! It melted.

10 Best Marketing Videos

Here are some great videos you can get inspiration from. Ok, you may not be able to afford John Claude Van Damme for your publicity.

But they’re spot on about evaluating the videos.

“Best Product Repositioning: Ikea’s “Book book”

You might think Ikea’s on to something pretty revolutionary. And, well, they are … just more so in their marketing than their product catalogue.”

You’ll have to see it to believe it.

10 Viral Marketing Campaigns you can’t Miss

This is a great post to learn from – not just because of the great marketing. Like the LG elevator prank:

“Promoting how ‘lifelike’ its new IPS monitors, LG pulled this brilliant stunt replacing an elevator floor with the monitors to make it look like the floor was falling away while unsuspecting people were in the lift to hilarious reactions. The original video has over 22.9M YouTube videos and LG have since filmed other brilliant pranks including the meteor one also below.”

But also to note that if you want viral – you have to consider video.

10 Marketing Executives Q&A

If you are a small to medium business trying to do your own marketing in Calgary, then this is the blog for you. There are questions that you need to ask a marketing executive before you decide whether you are up to it or not.

There are the questions that you want to ask, but may never get to, like:

Why should we hire you in this marketing executive position?

What have you learned from mistakes on the marketing executive job?

Some jobs really are left to the professionals

10 Best Marketing Blogs and Newsletters

This is a list of some of the best blogs that you can follow to help you do your own marketing, or hire the right person to do your marketing. We read many of these blogs on a daily basis and they have so much for you to learn.

How can you resist advice such as:

“Anyone can label himself or herself a “content marketer” or a “social media expert.” On the internet, there’s a lot of junk out there coming from people who, quite frankly, don’t know what they’re talking about.”

You can’t argue with that.

9 Keys to Brand Development – Your Companies Only Asset

Here is a great insight in to why you need to keep one eye on your plan, and one eye on your brand development. The two are inseparably linked and you always need to protect your company’s only asset.

“Easily looked over, your brand is a careful mix of your visibility in the marketplace as well as your company reputation. Strong branding attracts desirable new clients, great employees and premium rates so is worth the investment. Not convinced? Then think about what a professional brand really is.”

That’s an important point.

Top 10 Twitter Analysis Tools

“With so many Twitter analysis tools out there, it’s hard to know which ones to trust with your Twitter account.

Some may wish to track the Tweets about their brand or competition, some will want to engage with leads or clients, and others may wish to track the success of their campaigns, among tons of other options.

If you’re looking for a free Twitter analysis tool, this list will come in handy.”

Such a great article it needs no introduction.

10 Marketing Hacks

This is a great blog as it really gets people thinking. It’s all about great content, and then great insight. It brings one of the commenters to say about the subject:

“In contrast, I’m not at all surprised by your survey findings. Here’s why. I’d guess that most of the people who manage these marketing budgets have a legacy media-buyer mentality — meaning, they consider it too difficult to create meaningful and substantive content that would be useful and actionable in the buyer’s journey, so instead they just spend most of their budget buying Google Ads, etc.”

You learn from the article, then you learn again from the comments.

Calgary.isGreen Facebook Site

So this isn’t strictly a blog, they do have one here, but if you want to see social media done well then this is the place. They have managed to create a real community and engage their fans in a genuine feel of inclusion. Learn from them. Their non-marketing marketing is nothing more than exceptional.

Take a little time to go over these websites, but also to create a list of your own of places that you go to learn. After all, even an expert often has a mentor.