15 Dec 2015

What to Look for in a Calgary Website Design Provider

If you have tried searching the Web for the best Calgary website design provider, you will find yourself with a considerable list of company names. That is because there are numerous of Calgary website design companies out there, and they all have competitive packages to choose from. Given your plethora of options, how to you narrow down your choices and trim down the clutter?

If you are a start-up company, your needs would be quite different from say a middle to large-sized enterprise. So promoting your business will take on a different strategy. Given this, initial consultation matters. Going through the available Calgary website design makers, you can ask them if they charge for a consultation. At the very least, this is an effective way to gauge if they have what it takes to help you, and if they can manage your needs well.


From the initial consultation, things can go in various directions, depending on what you need. Off hand, Calgary website designers usually offer several services. Some of the things they offer are as follows:

Brand Design and Architecture

Most especially if you are a start-up and you want to go digital and make it your main presence driver, it is important that the Calgary website design company you will get can help you effectively set-up your brand architecture. This process should include the proper insighting to get the right kind of brand logo for you. This also includes finding out what your brand persona is, and how that will translate online. It also includes understanding your brand ecosystem, and what is the role of digital in reaching your key target audience. These are some of the crucial things to consider when getting a provider. Not all Calgary Web design companies offer brand set-up and architecture, so this filter should shorten that list considerably.

Calgary Website Design and Development

Next, you can check for their website design and development credentials. Most Calgary Web design companies offer this as a basic service in their packages, so choosing on the basis of availability might be futile. You can, however, choose on the basis of look and style, turn-around-time, scope, and cost. First, consider their look and style. What do their previous works look like? For this, you can ask for their portfolio of past works. You can check if their work fits your vision for your business or your brand. Secondly, you can check their turn-around-time or how quickly can they do the job. This is most especially significant for your project manager as the launch of the website and time it will take for it to go live is a crucial measure of success for this project. Along with asking about their turn-around-time, you should also ask about their proposed milestones. These are the scope or the major stages that they intent to break the project into. This is important so you can see how they intent to manage your project and what they would need from you at each stage. Lastly, you should consider the cost. Given the scope, turn-around-time and style that they offer, is the cost reasonable? That is an example of how you can look at the information they will present to you.

Web Hosting, Domain Registration, and Email Management

The backbone of your website rests on your web hosting, and domain registration. These are fundamental requirements in putting up your website. Most companies that provide services for Web development offer these three as a package. The email management is often offered as an add-on to the package to ensure that the basic communication touch points of the users and the audience are hosted under the same name. You can ask about the rates that your provider offers for these three.

Content Management Systems

Content is not just limited to content in your website because there are other online platforms that your brand or business can be on. The social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter are some of the most known ones. Because of the multitude of online platforms available, there is a need to management the content being posted online across these platforms. Managing content also has to have a system that is tied to a content strategy. This content strategy is what will be used to determine the channel, frequency and style of content being posted. This kind of service should be discussed with your Calgary website design company that you are shortlisting. Find out how they intend to narrow down your content strategy and what is their proposed content management system.

Calgary Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization ensures that your website can be seen when searched online, without having to pay for ads. This is a strategy most typically used to improve the visibility of the website organically. When you want to contract the Calgary website design company, you could check if they offer this. If you want to take your exposure to another level, you can also check if they offer SEM or Search Engine Marketing. This is a service that promotes your page as paid search display.

Extra Tip : Measuring KPIs

These are some of the services that you can check when shortlisting your preferred provider. Off hand, one of the most basic things you should consider is how do these companies measure their success – that is, what are their key performance indicators (KPIs). Each company measures their KPIs differently. It would help to ask them how they determine theirs. This will help you gauge how they measure success in their endeavors. So for each service, you can ask your candidates to give you their KPIs.

While this list of tips is comprehensive, it is hardly complete. There are other services being offered that you might want to take into consideration, such as availability to provide mobile-ready or mobile-responsive sites, or capability to develop mobile applications. These services would be relevant to you depending on what you need and what your working budget is. If you should need these services, then you can add those to the list of things that your supplier should have. Just the same, it pays to ask them about how each service works, and what would its effects be in terms of your total business.