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Designing the media campaign for White Space Fusion Cuisine, our concept project for a restaurant, was fast and furious. The creativity came rapidly with the ideas being innovative and collaboratively formed into a viable, workable project. It was
easy, but predictable, to use the name of the company as the brand, but we wanted to suggest the idea of ‘white space’ as a concept by the use of simplicity. By creating an inherently uncomplicated design focused on being unobtrusive the overwhelming effect is an architecture of calm, clean and fresh composition that suggests majesty. We decided that maximizing the use of achromatic color, black and white, was the only way to keep the design uncluttered and within the set design parameters.


The judicial use of space was another key element in drawing together the artistic components that made a strong statement. We purposefully left a large amount of space on the branding, but also on the images. The concept of encouraging subtle space and color to suggest white space needed to be reinforced in every design element. The font used was designed to be plain but balanced in height and weight to confirm design intentions of expressive expanse. A very uncomplicated line was added to
ground the whole image and draw a stark but striking statement to the design.


The brand was established with subtle, chic elements of achromatic space, so we decided to fuse it with a splash of color in the images to offset the barren arena, but also to showcase the product – food. The foods and crockery picked were mostly white to carry on the ‘space’ theme, but with strong blocks of color to ground the food to reality. The depth of field of the photography was purposefully set short to create slivers of focus in the ‘space’ allowing a tantalizing teaser, and creating an atmosphere of mystery, leaving the viewer to imagine, and want, more. The outcome of the project was a runaway success, and the campaign enthralled and captivated. The concept of the design allows us to expand on the ‘white space’ theme as necessary, and to easily introduce other elements without a complete design change.

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