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The Sparkle

Sparkle and Shine is our concept lighting company that specializes in unique lighting solutions for those ranging from classic to a sense of quirky style. It was easy to pick out an atmosphere for the campaign as the fitments and the way they were displayed gave us an idea of what the company was looking for. The project needed to reflect the essential qualities of style, luxury and ambiance. Buying lighting is a purely subjective decision but we needed to make all the media engaging drawing the client in, to want to see
more. The key was to use color and neutrality to emphasize the seductive power of creating an atmosphere – an atmosphere that could easily be recreated in any setting.

The Shine

We chose to base the images and the company logo around a retro theme, slightly kitsch, with classy overtones expressing the unique style of the products. The spherical logo was used as a brand to emphasize the ‘sparkle and shine’ axis. We could highlight the sphere as necessary to reinforce the brand name, and by adding a specially chosen retro font in a friendly, yet professional style, the brand communicated the theme of the company. A single, warm ochre-based yellow was used to increase the suggestion of a charming, inviting and welcoming atmosphere. Classically yellow is used for suggesting optimism and contentment whilst creating a feeling of joy, so we carefully chose a shade and tone that was optimistic, but neutral too. We wanted to construct a monochrome environment that was expressive but allowed the products to be center stage so we chose to use no text, only the images to be the voice.

The Set Up

To set up a text-less media campaign we chose to use close-cropped photos of products that embodies the ‘Sparkle and Shine’ ethos. Each fitting was chosen to reflect one of the facets of the company – sparkle, shine, winsome, classic and intriguing were all depicted without words and in a warm tone inviting the customer to look further. The project was very successful in creating an expressive, inviting mood with a touch of personality that perfectly described the aims of the company.

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