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Working on a project from idea to ideal is always a challenge and a joy, but some commissions are a gift to play on our strengths. Rothchild Luxury Real Estate was a concept we put together for a real estate company that would fit one of those situations. ‘Thinking outside the box’ is a phrase that makes us uncomfortable as we thought outside of the box, stepped outside the box and ripped up the box and threw it away some time ago. We built our business and looked for something that grabs peoples’ attentions and makes them go, ‘Wow! Really?’ with the design art and practical applications. We began to explore what could be done with commercial folders and working with Rothchild Luxury Real Estate allowed us to use all our expertise from our roots. We redesigned the
fold, the placement of the business card, the striking design art, created colors that created a buying mood and the materials it could be printed on. We didn’t want any folder of Rothchild’s to be consigned to the coffee table. We want it to scream ‘read me’ wherever it was placed.


The idea of a ‘key’ logo that binds the product and the ethos of the company was identified first. It was at the perfect angle to be included in the lettering fusing the media and brand into one. The font was carefully chosen to represent quality and the decision was made early on to use a negative image with the font always in white. The element that most needed to be identified on any media was the name ‘Rothchild’ and making sure it was always framed in deep, rich colour dynamic that made it ‘pop’ out of the image was our priority. The palette used as a backdrop for the word art was specifically chosen for
its earthy, ‘real’ feel that was sumptuous and rich in pigment that also expressed the aim of the company.


Rothchild Luxury Real Estate had access to properties that allowed us to create images of grandeur without being specific to one location. We scouted for the perfect mix of opulence and simplicity hinting at splendor, leaving the viewer wanting to look further. We used repeating images in alternating angles to create a constant and bind the concept together. It also added to the power of colour and simplicity in creating an atmosphere of sumptuousness. We were very happy with the outcome of the project because of the innovative approach, its ability to gain the customers attention and the quality it
was produced in. We strive to achieve these goals with all our commissions and have the drive and exploration to exceed them.

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