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Rotary Peace Park Convention Website Design

The custom website we designed for the Rotary Peace Park Convention was an uncomplicated project that had to reinforce the Rotary brand, but be straightforward enough to be administered by technical novices. This was a project that provided us with an exercise in fantastic Calgary custom design and impressive Calgary custom website design.

The site was not anticipated to be viewed on handheld or mobile devices, so the site was less complicated to design. The Rotary Club wanted the site to resemble an information board where notifications could be posted and information could be obtained. With that type of brief the development was swift and the concepts elementary. The theme of the project was, ‘Simple; Simplify; Simplest’.

The Peace Park Convention was held at Waterton Glacier International Peace Park which is a place of breathtaking beauty and a gift to any Calgary marketing company. By using high-quality photographic images of Waterton Glacier Park we could convey the beauty and majesty of the conference, and the grandeur of the purpose of the Rotary Club in a visual way. We also engineered the image to elicit a blue glow on the mountains that was reflected in the sky, yet matched the font and menu bar color. This unified the image and established a cohesion amongst the entire site. The photographic image of the Peace Park was placed as a header on every page, and the brand marks of the Rotary Club and Waterton Glacier International Peace Park were strategically placed to reinforce the sponsors of the event and the venue.

An uncluttered font was used to solidify the simple principles as well as make it easy on the eye. A design linking the ‘Hands across the border’ theme and creating a balanced image for the header and footer was imported and on the ‘home’ page an invitation video to engage club members and encourage them to become a part of the convention.

The website was quickly accepted and administered by those that had to use it, and the Rotary club was thrilled with the outcome of the project. It excelled in a way they had not envisioned whilst remaining true to Rotary Club ethos and ethics.

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