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The LTL Industrial Fabrications was a concept project that needed to be a robust and rugged campaign to reflect the ethos of the invented company. The idea was that LTL wanted to connect with a wider audience with an appeal to international markets, but also to express the quintessential merchandise and quality that their brand was built on. We needed to actualize the brand identity without compromising integrity, make the brand a visual registry to circumvent international barriers. We needed to increase the industrial voice in the brand, accentuate the raw power that their products evoked and bring the art in the structures to the climax. The exquisite craftsmanship and artistry of the fabrications would demand the attention of the demographic and the brand would convey the excellent of LTL.


The logo was based on an artistic representation of a structural framework interpretation of the initials LTL, and designed first. This was the brand that was to be used in prominence in all media and to compliment the images. Colour had a huge bearing on the atmosphere of the portfolio, so a warm, deep orange was used, offset with black for emphasis. White was used as a complimentary colour and provided the striking backdrop for the deep, expressive ochre shade. Pictures of bare industrial structures were taken to reinforce the commitment of the company to quality and excellence.


Images were taken of other industrial themes and digitally enhanced to incorporate the brand identity. The images covered every stage of the fabrications that LTL produced, and each was carefully choreographed to the same format to provide cohesion. Lettering was kept to an absolute minimum so the interpretation was all from the images, giving it a multi-lingual quality. The brand and wording, where lettering was necessary, was kept to a compact, central block, to create a similarly industrial feel. The whole campaign pivoted on an interpretation of visuals which it succeeded and exceeded, much to our delight.

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