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Working with Legacy Wealth Management to design the perfect website for them was a great creative team effort. We at Arc Reactions pride ourselves on basing our complete creative process on understanding our client, our client’s clients and where their vision is taking them, and none was more important than our spectacular collaboration with Legacy Wealth Management.

The construction of a classic and informative website takes the gargantuan effort of a unified team to develop ideas and suggestions and turn them into a breathtaking solution. The importance of information on Legacy Wealth Managements was paramount as information, and knowledge about this information was their product. As a judgment is only as good as the information it is based on, we had to ensure that the quality of presentation exceeded expectations and was extremely transparent. We needed to be professional but engaging.

For some time we explored a website that was multi-layered with hidden menus and rotating pages. This approach was a chance to showcase the knowledge and understanding of Legacy Wealth Managements team and to encourage a feeling of trust, but it was complex to use. We understood that the clients using the site would be diverse in computer usage and in an understanding of the information they read. It may fulfill the element of professionalism, but would not be engaging. As our development team worked with Legacy Wealth Management to explore all the options, it was soon realized that what was needed was a simple site with complex options.

With a well-defined and planned framework we used an uncomplicated template with text in prescribed blocks with simple buttons and on-screen menus that lead deeper into the site. Bite-sized chunks of information were placed in unobstructed view, with descriptive panels and an option to see more. An anchor image, designed to span the pages and to recess the company brand, was included as a pivotal part of the plan which the graphic design team suggested mirrored the three columns below it. The representation of businessmen being protected from the rain was a strong voice in the integrity of the company and in its purpose.

At project completion, the client was thrilled with the practical expression in the website, the aesthetics and the continuation of the core values of the company. The feedback from their clients was very positive and a sustained relationship ensued.

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