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Desire My Heart had a very definite journey and website in mind when they contacted us for a custom website design. They had penned out a map and wanted to see it to fruition. The aim of the website was to encourage singles to upload their profiles and get together as a community to form friendships and relationship developments. The website needed to be engaging and professional but also alive and earthy, with a romantic hue.

The site would be accessed from all sizes of devices so meticulous care was taken to ensure the pages were at full clarity at any size and displayed all the information necessary to enroll and use the site at full capacity. Pop-up screens were integrated at pivotal points that encouraged the user to enroll and provided all necessary information for being invited to be a part of Desire My Heart at a later date. These were crafted to work on any size machine and all in a uniform way that gave the site a familiarity whenever the clients logged on.

A logo needed to be designed to express the mission of the company. A naïve representation of two people at a table sheltering from rain was chosen by the client, from a selection that was based on the themes of bonding, friendship and romance. Red was chosen to represent passion which directed us to use white space in the background to make the branding icon pop. The menu and text were discreetly infused in the white space under the logo so that the prominent image was the company brand.

Photos were used as a catalyst for engaging people into the text and finding out more about Desire My Heart. Page flow was set to a romantic rhythm and rotating testimonials and messages from the owner added a personal touch, reaching the target demographic in an intimate way.

Desire My Heart website was received ecstatically by the client, presenting a professional, chic and contemporary look that made the site accessible for everyone.

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