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The website for David Still was a joy to be involved. David is a man of vision and wanted to push all the boundaries and achieve something that was informative, and a work of art. A serial entrepreneur, world traveler, sailor and avid photographer, David had a huge archive of magnificent photos that were too impressive not to build the website around. He was also fully conversant in Calgary WordPress design, marketing and corporate branding and was willing to exploit the possibilities contained within these industries.

The concept of the website was to provide a window into David’s world. His passion is design, photography, travel, and volunteering and this needed to be reflected in the material on the site. The construction needed to have a seamless mix of private and professional activity, voluntary labors and illustrations of the achievements he has accomplished. The most effective way to fuse the wide range of material was to create corrals, grouping together similar posts in business, then showcase most recent posts and most popular posts. The emphasis was on the business aspects of David’s life but complimented by the vast range of alternative activities that describe the essence and caveat that he lives by.

Color was important, but with so many stunning photos available the background of the website had to be recessive. By utilizing a flat black background color that pushed the images into a concentrated focus, photos could be used that communicated and accentuated aspects of David’s life and reduced the need for text. The focus was to be on design and photography so the need for descriptions on the front page was minimal. Text was hidden behind images, with access to archived material and other social media. This gave plenty of avenues to explore to find out about the passion that David had for all his endeavors, and what makes him tick.

The most striking and focal point of the whole page needed to be the incredible photographs that David has built up over the years. By creating a slider at the top of the page that enveloped the top third of the page, a picture book of revolving images that could be changed as required was created with adjustable text boxes to allow for narratives on the photos.

The outcome of the website was a successful fusion of architecture and passion and showcased the person that David Still is in a mix of personal photographs, images and text. The website allows for accommodating the change and growth in David’s life, both personally and professionally leading Calgary’s graphic design revolution, and has endless possibilities for adding new technologies and keeping the site state of the art. With David’s vision and Arc’s Creative passion, the site will continue to reflect appetite David has for life and art.

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