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Coffee Luv was a concept website we wanted to be an alluring marketing mix of eye-popping graphic design art and magnetic brand personality. The intrinsic product is not a hard sell. Coffee in itself is warm, inviting, has an intoxicating fragrance and phenomenal marketing appeal. This leads to an ‘A-demographica’ where the product appeals to so many consumers, it has no ‘typical’ demographic. We needed to produce a marketing mix of persuasive content that appealed to a broad audience, which meant only one thing. The focus had to be on the coffee itself.


When the decision to concentrate the design around the product was made, we were not willing to compromise the brand personality of Coffee Luv, the company. Good graphic design art can achieve both enticing design and brand personality, outstanding graphic design art can achieve and promote both. To realize an outstanding design we adjusted the logo to conform to a simplistic text and graphic, but used color to make it remarkable and unmistakable. Using monochrome to accentuate the logo solidifies the brand’s importance and places emphasis on the information to be retained. Images were used to promote feelings and memories within the consumer to help them bond with the comforting familiarity of coffee, and then associate those feelings with the brand personality. Earth tones were purposely positioned to foster the connection between consumer and brand and to engage in reassuring and reaffirming the bond.


After creating a complete marketing package for Coffee Luv, the reaction and interaction of client and consumer was unmistakable. The marketing mix established Coffee Luv as a quality, soothing and warming brand that consumers of all demographics could relate to. The youthful demographic were reminded of the warm feelings of home, the middle demographic of quality and the older demographic of familiarity. These reactions were then connected to Coffee Luv as a brand personality and a marketing relationship was quickly formed. Coffee Luv connected with the project images and concepts very early on in the design process, and were very impressed with the expressive nature of the media arrangements. With simplistic composition and a minimal color palette they felt we were able to articulate the essence and philosophy of the company.

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