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Calgary Plastic Cards is a revolutionary Calgary graphic design company that can turn your company image into a corporate brand. Right at the crest of the wave, Calgary plastic cards provides a complete service for making one of a kind business cards, or wallet sized cards for any purpose. These innovative cards are stylish and functional and can serve a multitude of uses. Building a website to reflect this forward thinking, sophisticated yet pragmatic product was going to showcase our skills and we wanted to ensure we matched the groundbreaking style of the product.

The development concept was to make the web pages focus on the images of the product. By making a frame around a central panel and recessing the background by judicial use of color, the perfect backdrop is set to create a focal point that thrusts the images into prominence. By using this framed approach to every page a cohesion is achieved that binds the site aesthetically and creates a familiarity for the user. Black was the ideal color to use as a frame as it adds a depth and makes a strong statement about where the artistic boundary lies. The frame also allowed the flexibility needed to accommodate the differing sizes and resolutions used in handheld and mobile devices. The quality of the web page on these devices had to be as accurate as monitor images to maintain the integrity of the brand.

The logo was added as a static image in the top right-hand corner to add a pop of color on every page, and a navigation button to automatically direct you back to the logo in a cycle. By continually referencing the brand and using the brand colors solidifies the corporate image and grounds the design to a foundation. This also allowed the composition to embrace color to showcase the product. A simple menu was added with a subtle block indicator reflecting brand colors for easy navigation and positive corporate image reinforcement.

A video was added without text that brought out the unique qualities of Plastic Cards in a simple, easy to digest format. It also added another device to feed a different sense making the product more memorable, and bonding the viewer to the brand.

The success of the website was immediate and apparent, with Calgary Plastic Cards making full use of their custom website and unique WordPress design to propel them to achieving their business goals.

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