15 Dec 2015

Don’t GoDaddy!

Our Horrible Experience with GoDaddy and why we don’t recommend using them for Office365

by David Still

What can I say – it has taken a lot of frustration to get here. Sometimes though the only way to make a large company listen is to talk in a loud voice aka. on Social Media.

The punchline for those that don’t want to read the full article is: We STRONGLY recommend avoiding GoDaddy for Office365 because of GoDaddy’s poor … and self-admitted incompetence in addressing a common email issue.

Aside: I don’t normally have time for this, but I’ve been bounced back and forth and on hold with GoDaddy for over 4 hours … so I just figured I’d do something productive with my time (since Outlook currently doesn’t work on my laptop).

If you’re anything like me – you’re probably pretty busy running your business. You triage issues and manage work as quickly as possible. But when your primary means of communication breaks down you are held hostage and things grind to a halt. It is such an issue that I am currently plagued with. I am currently travelling and away from the IT support I would normally enjoy at our office. I have taken my work laptop with me and am trying to get some much needed work finished. I am however being severely hindered by a technical issue which doesn’t seem to allow me to connect Outlook on my laptop with the Office365 servers. I therefore can not send or receive emails and as a result can not easily send attachments or appointment requests. I am trying to get by with Office Online – but it has limited search functionality, doesn’t like multiple attachments (you have to search for each of them) and most importantly isn’t available offline….so suffice it to say, it is a big inconvenience.

This brings me to GoDaddy’s support…which I will try to summarise as succinctly as possible below:

(FYI – reading what follows may give you a headache … it certainly has given me one)

July 28th

Call History – GoDaddy Support:

12:27 AM [EST] – 50 mins

  • asked to delete my Outlook (uninstall all of Office 365).
  • proceeded to uninstall the suite
  • over CELL DATA downloaded the entire 365 Office suite.
  • tech said shift was ending and sent trouble shooting link.

1:19 AM [EST] – 36 mins

  • installed the office suite
  • called GoDaddy Tech support back
  • asked to create then delete profiles
  • asked to manually add server details
  • still not connecting to Office 365 server
  • tech suggest elevating call to “productivity team”
  • tech advises that productivity team is closed and doesn’t open till 6:30 AM EST

2:19 PM [EST] – 13 mins


2:34 PM [EST] – 18 mins


2:53 PM [EST] – 2 hrs 46 mins


TOTAL TIME on TECH SUPPORT:  4 hrs 43 mins